Cancellation Policy

There are certain conditions that the customer needs to meet to be able to cancel their package under our cancellation policy. We encourage our customers to read our cancellation policies to ensure they are aware of them.

Though we will never ask you to cancel your order since we have a very good reputation for bringing customer satisfaction, it may be different for you.

There are external factors that force the customer to cancel the order.

What is the process for canceling an order on our website?

On our portal, we have an easy cancellation policy, and you can cancel your package anytime. You may contact our helpline number and cancel your order if you cannot do so. Regardless of the reason for cancellation, both cases will require a written explanation.

If you cancel the order and provide that it meets all the terms and conditions of our cancellation policy, you will receive a cancellation invoice from us.

What is the process for refunding cancellation orders and requests?

We verify whether any cancellation order meets our cancellation policy norms as soon as we receive it. After we decide how many orders we will ship, we get in touch with our delivery and logistics team.

Therefore, as far as the refunding process is concerned, no refunds are made by check or cash draft. We only refund you online through a direct deposit into your account. Our customers must provide us with their bank account numbers and other information needed to process the payment.

Under no circumstances are we liable if the information about the bank account is incorrect or incomplete.

We will process your cancellation order a minimum of seven working days after you place the order.

We are also only responsible if the money is credited to your account within seven working days. It would be best if you visited and spoke with your bank rather than contacting us.

Is there anything that needs to be refunded back?

There will be no refund of taxes, customs duties, or any other charges levied by the government as part of the taxation rules in your country or state. You cannot also hold us responsible for this.

What are the circumstances in which the cancellation policy applies?

As soon as you have reviewed the above information, which is important, let’s look at the circumstances in which you might be able to cancel your order and what the requirements are for meeting these guidelines.

Cancellation due to out-of-stock product

When this occurs, we will automatically cancel your order. There are a few instances in which we will cancel your order if the medicines you ordered are unavailable in our current inventory.

We will accommodate partial orders on our portal if it is within our capability and if the medicine is partially available in our stock.

Order cancellation due to non-receipt of payment

Your order will be confirmed when you receive a temporary email. We will then send you your total bill or invoice, which is the final confirmation bill you will receive after we have accepted all your orders. We may cancel your order automatically if you do not pay us after placing your order.

The customer should use various online payment methods to visit the online portal and pay the rewired amount. Your order will be automatically canceled if you don’t do this within 24 hours.

Due to a delay in delivering the order, the order has been canceled

The customer may feel that the time taken for delivery is too long and is not satisfied with the delivery time management of our courier and logistics services.

Please keep in mind that you may cancel your order with us at any time during the transit process. We cannot refund you in full and deduct any charges such as customs duty if your package has already reached the customs center in your country.

Incorrect delivery of product results in a cancellation

As a matter of course, we are responsible if you receive a medicine different from the one you ordered or if you receive an incorrect dosage.

If you receive your package and discover that the wrong product or dosage has been delivered to you, you have a maximum of seven days to contact us and request a cancellation and refund. We will only be able to accommodate requests received after 7 days.

Product cancellation due to tampering

Providing the same is done within seven days again, if the product is tampered with in any way, you can contact us and place a cancellation and refund request.