The quality of our product is guaranteed to be 100%. If our product is damaged, does not arrive on time, or is not received by the recipient, we will provide a full refund. There is a guarantee that works on a request basis, and after our clients have requested a guarantee, if there is a partial order, the remaining balance will be refunded back to the client once the request has been made.

In the event of partial orders, will charge the client according to the products that the client obtains. The entire process of placing an order through to it reaching your doorsteps takes between 20 and 30 days from the time you place your order until it reaches you.

In the event of any delay, return, or hold on the part of this sender, a notice is sent to the buyer, and if no notification is received from the buyer, the buyer should contact us by sending a ticket to the refund department so that the issues concerning the transport of our products can be resolved online as soon as possible.

Is it really important to confirm with your doctor before buying any medicine that you are considering buying?

Any patient suffering from a disorder should always consult their doctor before purchasing a specific dose or brand of medication.

You should consult a physician before choosing a brand of medication, as we cannot guarantee a complete cure or any side effects that might occur after taking the medication.

We do not guarantee a complete cure

To find a cure, ensure that the medicine you are taking is appropriate for the disorder you are suffering from. If you are still determining whether you can adjust to a particular brand or dosage, we ask you to confirm with your doctor.

Side effects are not guaranteed

Overdosing is possible with any drug. In such a case, you may not be able to avoid the consequences if you do not seek prior consultation from your physician. Remember that even though some of the medicines you buy from our portal are FDA-approved, they don’t come without side effects.

As a first-time buyer, you are guaranteed a discount

As a first-time medicine buyer on our portal, we guarantee you a discount of 100 percent. As a member benefit, we provide this to both members and non-members.

This first-time discount is applicable once per customer, regardless of the total purchase value. There are no requirements for you to meet. As a result of the total value of your purchase, you will receive a valid discount on your purchase.

The delivery time for EMS is approximately 12-22 days for all countries. If postal services are disrupted due to weather conditions or natural disasters, the delivery may take up to thirty days from the dispatch date. In the case of Registered Mail, delivery will take approximately 15-25 days.

We recommend that you notify us if you have not received your package or received any notification from the shipper that your shipment has been delayed, held, or returned to the sender. We will take steps to resolve all shipping-related problems as quickly as possible.