Terms & Conditions

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to read the terms and conditions as detailed on this page before they make their orders. Reading the terms and conditions policies standardized at cenforce200tab help you to get all the details and possibly avoid conflict or dissatisfaction.

Here are the terms and conditions for buying medicines on our portal-

Providing online details

Each customer will have to agree to provide and share their details with us at the time of buying medicines from our portal. Although we like to keep our customers anonymous to the extent possible it is inherent that you have to share some basic details with us such as your phone number, name, and address.

As we only sell FDA-approved medicines each time the customer will have to agree to upload the online copies of their prescription as this is liable for checking before authorizing you to approve buying medicines on our portal.

Providing the correct address and other Shipping Details

At the time of providing your shipping address please give enough details such that our delivery team can reach you right at your doorstep. If your package returns undelivered to our facility it is inherent that we will cancel your order and then you have to reorder it. of course, we won’t double charge you but please provide the correct address so that you can get your package delivered faster.

Making online Payments and choosing the most suitable mode

Each customer has to be willing to pay online. Remember that we offer online facilities for buying medicines no payments in cash or even bank drafts are ever accepted. But don’t worry, we have a host of online payment options on our portal. From using your debit or credit cards to using your online wallets or using merchant apps to pay us choose the most suitable online payment means of your choice.

Online Payment Security on our Portal

We provide the highest security measures on our online payment and processing page to avoid any third party to get access to such confidential details. But remember that at times as is the risk with all online payments due to the fluctuations of the internet in your area your payment may get canceled.

Remember if it is received at our end we will inform you with a message regarding your order confirmation. But if the money is debited at your end and does not reach us then your order may get canceled. We are not liable in such cases even though all customers will eventually get a refund but we are not responsible for any delay here.

Availing Discounts and Cashback offers

All offers and discounts that you view on our portal are subject to many conditions.  Check out these conditions for each offer is only valid on a few brands and for a fixed time along with other possible conditions such as a minimum order amount.

Cancelation Rules

If you cancel your order the amount of money deducted as taxes is never refunded. There is also a cancelation charge levied that gets auto-deducted from your remaining amount.