Returns & Exchanges

At Cenforce200tab we also give our customers the right to cancel their orders and ask for a refund which is your right. In the need of the hour, we have drafted the cancellation and refund policy at our end. Make sure to read this out as it may happen that at times you need to cancel your order and refund your amount.

Knowing about the company-specific guidelines right at the beginning of your order will help avert possible conflict cases and avoid being dissatisfied with our services.

How to post your cancellation order online or by Telephone?

First of all, users will need to know how to post their cancellation orders with us. Well, at Buy Safe Pills we have two methods for accepting your cancellation order.

One is the online mode where you check in to your portal and cancel your order from there. And the other way for you is to call on our customer helpdesk number and furnish all the necessary details where our executive will help you to cancel your order.

Remember that at both times you will be shared with some exclusive cancellation agreements such as the charges, reason for cancellation, and so on. All cancellation orders are OTP approved which you need to share with us.

The process for Refunds

Once we accept your cancellation order we will refund the money back into your account. Remember that there will be a maximum deadline for it of 7 working days within which you should get back your money.

At the time of cancellation, the users need to share bank account details with us as no cash or draft refunds are done. An online payment facility is the only option for you to get back your refund amount.

Are there any cancellation charges?

All cancellation orders are subject to a cancellation charge. This will be based on the amount of your order and the time you originally canceled your order.

Make sure that these charges will be deducted from the order amount itself before the refund is made into the client’s account.

Just to give you a short notice, taxes are non-refundable. 

Possible instances when the cancelation policy is viable

There can be some possible instances where the cancellation policy is not viable. This includes-

Order Cancelation due to Non-receipt of Payment

It may likely happen that your order gets auto-canceled at our end due to the non-receipt of your payment.

Order Cancelation due to Untraceable Address

Once your package returns undelivered due to an untraceable address to our facility, the order automatically gets canceled. Customers have to re-order after furnishing the proper address.

Order Cancelation due to Product being out of Stock

It may happen at times that the product asked for is already exhausted in our stock. Such an order also gets canceled from our back end.

Cancelation Due to Dissatisfaction with our Services

You can cancel your order due to possibly not being satisfied with any of our services although we try to serve you best every time.

Cancelation Due to Receipt of a Possible Tampered Product

If you receive a possible tampered product you may return it to us. But check out the detailed guidelines for this, for it comes under the section of Return and Refund.